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I believe that the healing process will arise in safe and non-judgmental enviromnent. The building stone of my therapeutic work is the relationship between client and myself. 


To achieve the most in the therapy, I offer an intimate and highly confidential setting where the client can express and explore his/her issues, problems, needs, worries and/ or life difficulties. 

I provide therapy and counseling for depression, anxiety, self-destructive behavior, cross-cultural issues, adjustment, and relationship/partnership issues. With great experience in work with addictions, I also treat clients with abuse problems (e.g., alcohol, drugs, eating disorders), client’s significant others and loved ones. Such work requires good crisis intervention techniques and motivational work.

In therapy and counseling, I focus on the client's needs and experiences of the often-difficult life situations. 


I finished Psychology studies at the Comenius University in Bratislava with Masters Degree. I am certified Gestalt Therapist (Institute for Training in Gestalt Therapy, IVGT, Prague, 5+ years, member of EAGT (European Association in Gestalt Therapy)). I extended my education and competences in Crisis Interventions. I am also certified to work within the framework of Heath Care Service System.  

I regularly consult my work with clinical supervisor.  It is standard procedure and professional expectation that allows me to work with you the best.  I am bound by  a Code of Ethics and the rule of confidentiality. These are also followed by my supervisor.  


From the non-psychological career field can be noted that I worked at the Nadácia otvorenej spoločnosti - Open Society Foundation, where I led the Public health program. In my work I focused on advocacy and research activities supporting protection of the rights, life opportunities and life improvement of people using illegal drugs and other disadvantaged minority groups in society (e.g. people working in the sex industry, people living with HIV / AIDS and others).

In Bratislava I founded NGO – Plan B n.o. that aimed it’s multidisciplinary approach at work with active drug users, their families and significant others. 

In the past I also worked for the European Monitoring Centre on Racism and Xenophobia in Vienna, the UNDP Regional Centre and the Delegation of the European Union.
As a member of team of professionals at the Clinic of Adictology at 1st Medical Faculty Charles University in Prague, I worked on adapting the “Practice standards for young people with substance misuse problems”.

I led Adictology and Counseling Course at the University of New York in Prague and worked as an external consultant for IVGT and Gestalt Studia in Prague, CZ. 

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